Opioid Marketing and Patient Generation

Fruition’s 15+ years of experience in health care and finance marketing and lead generation uniquely positions itself for finding the right opioid treatment (Methadone) patients with the right clinics. Fruition’s opioid treatment program marketing team can create targeted and personalized campaigns to get your clinics filled with the right patients.

Fruition’s Opioid Marketing Services

  • Full marketing stack development
  • Sales stack implementation (Salesforce and marketing integration)
  • Marketing plan discovery
  • Lead gen campaign setup, optimization, and follow through
  • Patient marketing plans
  • Referral marketing plan development and implementation

Opioid treatment program marketing

Opioid treatment marketing plans often take a multi pronged approach. The first prong is general awareness that treatment options are available and that they do work. This is typically a catch all digital marketing plan that touches organic search, paid search, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. The second prong, is often targeted directly at potential patients. Those patients are identified by their searches, visits to certain websites, and potentially their geographic locations. The third prong of the optiod marketing plan is often targeting loved ones of those that are addicted to opioids. We coin this group care givers. Care givers can be friends, family, and employers of those that are addicted to opioids. The care give group is often identified through certain organic searches and interest in certain targeted pages that Fruition utilizes to help identify and segment the groups.

How Fruition setups your opioid treatment program marketing plan

The first step is typically a marketing audit and discovery project that creates the blueprint for your center(s) patient generation. If you’d like to discuss how the blueprint progresses into a large scale lead gen campaign contact us to discuss.