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Highest Return on Ad Spend via Adwords Optimization

I. Online Marketplace Ad Optimization

A leading online marketplace in the restaurant equipment and supplies industry was seeking to boost revenue for their account through Google Ads and achieve a ROAS of $4 or above. They partnered with Fruition, a results-driven digital marketing agency, to create and execute a paid media marketing strategy that could help them achieve their goals.

II. Strategy to Increase Marketplace Consumers

Fruition developed a comprehensive strategy that included the following elements:

  • Built out 20+ vendor campaigns to leverage vendor brands and tie them into the overall eTundra paid search strategy.
  • Relaunched older campaigns with historical high AOVs to drive additional revenue.
  • Designed creative and implemented newer Performance Max campaigns for main product category groups.
  • Restructured conversion tracking in order to accurately reflect performance and value.
  • Leveraged YouTube content to use across Google and Bing campaigns.
  • Adjusted ad copy to be more geared towards “respected industry leaders, why do people buy” messaging.

III. Implementation of Paid Campaigns

Fruition implemented the marketing strategy across various channels, including search and YouTube advertising. They created new campaigns for 20+ vendors, designed and implemented Performance Max campaigns for product category groups, and updated ad copy to reflect a messaging geared towards respected industry leaders.

They also restructured conversion tracking to accurately reflect performance and value, which allowed them to optimize campaigns more effectively. Finally, they leveraged existing YouTube content to use across search, which helped to increase engagement and awareness.

IV. Results Speak Volumes

The results achieved by the campaign were significant:

  • Hit revenue goal in month 3 of engagement.
  • Increased ROAS to $4 or above.
  • Improved click-through rates and engagement across Google and Bing ads.
  • Achieved significant increases in revenue for the brand

V. Conclusion - Google Ad Optimization for Marketplaces Works to Drive Revenue

The paid media strategy developed and implemented by Fruition proved to be highly effective, helping the client to achieve their goal of increasing revenue for their online marketplace and improving their ROAS. By building out multiple vendor campaigns, leveraging existing YouTube content, and restructuring conversion tracking, Fruition successfully increased click-through rates and engagement across search and YouTube, achieving significant revenue growth for the client.

If you're looking to improve your digital marketing strategy and achieve similar results, contact Fruition today to learn more about their services and how they can help your business grow.