LASIK Marketing

Fruition has a unique specialty in developing marketing campaigns for LASIK clinics. From direct mail, to web design, to affiliate programs, Fruition has driven more LASIK patients through the doors of our client’s clinics than nearly all other LASIK marketing specialists.

LASIK Marketing on a per lead basis
Fruition can setup an online marketing program were you pay only for LASIK leads generated. The process is simple. First, your clinic will provide a deposit for the LASIK leads that Fruition will generate. Second, Fruition creates the marketing plan with your individual offices marketing approach in mind. Third, when Fruition finds a lead for you, the per lead fee is automatically deducted from your Fruition account. At any time you can login to your account management area to view the leads and your balance. The price per lead depends upon your market. Most markets are $50-$150 per lead. This includes all marketing and optimization services. Thus, there is no risk to you. If we cannot generate the leads in a set period of time we will refund your money.

LASIK Marketing on per service fee basis
Fruition can also create individual marketing campaigns outside of the per lead basis. These LASIK marketing campaigns include

  • Search Engine Optimization for LASIK clinics
  • Pay Per Click (Google, Yahoo!, MSN) ad campaign optimization and management
  • Direct mail for LASIK clinics
  • LASIK affiliate programs
  • Marketing consulting and geographic market analysis
  • Plus, marketing support for all other elective medical specialties

Additional elective medical procedure marketing services

Fruition generates leads for LASIK clinics, medical spas that do laser hair removal, laser resurfacing, hair rejuvenation clinics, cosmetic dentists, cosmetic surgeons, Botox(R) providers, and many other elective medical markets. Fruition can set your company up on per lead basis so you only pay for results. Our services can be targeted at specific geographic areas such as Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, Phoenix, and other major cities or we can perform a nationwide campaign.

Contact Fruition today to get more information about our LASIK and elective medical procedure marketing services.

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