Landing Page Development

Could your current PPC campaigns use a bit of sprucing up? Do you need new landing pages for your PPC campaigns? Are you not sure where to start? We can help! Fruition’s designers will create effective landing pages to drastically increase conversion rates for your PPC projects. Our group of talented Fruition designers can help turn your PPC campaign into a success. The secret to PPC success is all in the landing page!

What exactly is a landing page? A landing page is a page that is designed specifically to spark the interest of the people who click one of your PPC ads. Landing pages market specific products or services and one PPC campaign may have more than one landing page so as to compare results between different pages and, thus, determine which is the best converter. A landing page’s effectiveness is measured by its conversion rate (the number of people who perform a desired action such as purchasing your product or service.)

Why do you need a landing page? Your landing page is the first page potential buyers see after clicking your PPC ad. It is vital to make a good first impression on these potential buyers because you only have one chance at making a first impression on your website’s visitors.

We can design your landing pages to grab the attention of everyone who reads them and instantly increase the conversion rate for your product or service. Your PPC ads are already getting the traffic you want from search engines, so now let your landing page close the sale! One of our expert designers will be assigned to your project and can help make your PPC campaign take off like never before.

A well designed landing page can literally mean the difference between success and failure in a PPC campaign. Why leave it up to chance? Let us get started on your landing page project today and you will see drastic improvement in the effectiveness of your PPC campaign very soon indeed. Contact Fruition using the convenient form below.