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In order to drive quality traffic to your site through search marketing we target the keywords most relevant for your target market. For Lasik surgeons, the best keywords are typically oriented around the city of operation and the word “LASIK.” For this Seattle based client, this means we target the keyword “Seattle LASIK,” in addition to many other keywords.

In order to drive maximum traffic to a client’s site, it is important to dominate the search results with top position listings. In the screen capture below you’ll see this Seattle client occupies nearly 50% of the space dedicated to organic results above the fold.

In addition to these excellent map & organic results, this client has also captured the top PPC (pay per click) position. Through an aggressive search marketing campaign we have achieved this coveted trifecta of search marketing for this Seattle LASIK client.

Converting Visitors into Leads

After visitors are coming to your site, they must be converted into leads to be of any value to your business and growth objectives.

Our service will ensure the highest possible rate of visitor to lead conversion.

Getting Quality Clients

Because our service is so highly targeted, the leads generated through our system will be actual buyers, not simply window shoppers. These are people who are ready to invest in better eyesight without glasses or contacts.

While these are motivated buyers, they most likely will be comparison shopping. We can show you how to close the deal to make sure these valuable leads don’t slip through your fingers.

Our system is simple and honest; it is focused on customer contact, engagement and building trust.

Fruition specializes in internet marketing services like search engine optimization for LASIK surgeons and LASIK surgery centers all over the United States and across the globe. Our SEO and internet marketing services are designed and proven to greatly increase any LASIK surgeon’s ability to build his or her client base, increase revenue and continue finding highly qualified LASIK surgery leads.

In order to maximize your website’s traffic levels, we will target individuals looking for LASIK surgeons or information about LASIK surgery using all the major search engines. It is critical to achieve top ten listings for your LASIK surgery center in both the paid search and non-paid search sections of search engines, so we have developed proven strategies to do both.

How Does Internet Marketing & SEO Work for LASIK Surgeons & LASIK Surgery Centers?

Internet searches through the major search engines work by identifying the websites that most closely match the search query. For instance, a potential LASIK client in Denver may type “LASIK Denver,” “LASIK doctor Denver” or “LASIK surgery Denver” into the search field while searching for a LASIK surgeon in the area.

The websites that have the keywords “LASIK Denver” throughout the copy will naturally come up first in the search results. Our internet marketing and SEO services for LASIK surgeons involves updating the metatags and content on your website so that it includes all of the keywords potential LASIK patients would use to find you, as well as a number of cross-links that can increase your search engine positioning.

In addition to moving your website’s position up for those who search for the location of your LASIK surgery center, we can also “geo-target” internet users who are located near your office using IP address information. That way, even if potential LASIK patients in your area do not enter geographical terms into their search, we can put your LASIK surgery website in front of them.

Using a combination of SEO and geo-targeting, we can greatly improve the number of site visitors and highly qualified leads for a very affordable price. And the best part is that all the potential LASIK clients you are targeting are the ones who are actively looking for a LASIK doctors like you.

The Ongoing Benefits and ROI of Internet Marketing for LASIK Surgeons

One of the key benefits of the SEO and internet marketing Fruition offers for LASIK eye surgeons is that it is a one-time investment that will continue to bring you the highest quality leads. In fact, you’ll get even more leads during your sixth month than you will in your third. And, you own the communications platform where you advertise, so there’s no ongoing costs to place ads.

In addition to these great benefits, all of the results of your internet marketing efforts are fully trackable. We can tell you exactly how many targeted leads you are getting, including:

  • Where each visitor is coming from
  • What visitors do when they get to your site (what pages do they view, how long do they spend on the site, etc.)
    How many new visitors turn into a lead
  • >If leads are generated through phone calls

Using all of the strategies and tactics discussed above, we have captured hundreds to thousands of highly qualified leads for our LASIK surgeon and LASIK surgery center clients.