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Reputation Management

We all know the value of the social networking sites. We all also know they take considerable time to manage your social profiles properly. This is true across all mediums, not just social networks. The management of you or your talent’s Facebook, Twitter, or Myspace account takes a lot of time. Fruition can help! Fruition is a leader in Internet marketing, offering social network management for celebrities, athletes, businesses, and others who wish to expand their presence online.

Fruition’s social networking management is tailored to your persona. If your talent’s core audience are 15 year old females, you do not want a 60 year old male attorney managing the profile. Likewise, if you are promoting a sophisticated business you want an MBA with years of experience to provide relevant and valuable information. Fruition has the Internet marketing experience and resources to provide you the right backing in order to increase your visibility with your target audience. Whether young or old, subculture or popular culture, we have the knowledge and resources to improve your visibility across Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and other social networking sites.

Fruition’s Social Networking Management for:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Myspace
  • Specialty social sites

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