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Fruition develops e-commerce websites for companies just getting online or for companies that need to optimize their existing e-commerce or lead managment. Fruition also specializes in the complete Internet marketing management for companies of all sizes.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
SEO for organic keywords (unpaid) is the most complicated task for any online marketer. The first component of an SEO campaign is researching the proper keywords to target. Without the proper research, results are guaranteed to be negligible.

Effectiveness of Internet Marketing
Two factors determine the effectiveness of an online marketing campaign. The cost of the traffic purchased and the conversion rate of the site. The higher the conversion rate, the more expensive a word can be and still be profitable for that particular site. Thus, a site with a high conversion rate can “outbid” a site that has a lower conversion rate. Therefore, any online marketing campaign starts with conversion analysis and optimization for both organic search results as well as paid ads.

Website conversion analysis
Conversion analysis consists of installing unique codes on each page of the website to determine the visitor’s geographic location, how the visitor reached the site, how much it cost to get the visitor to the site, and the value of the visitor (did they purchase, if so how much). In addition, the flow of the visitor through the site is important. You may learn that a large number of visitors exit your site after they reach a certain page. Changing or perhaps even removing that page or product can increase conversion rates. A higher conversion rate results an a lower effective advertising rate.

Once a baseline for conversions is established, the online marketing campaigns begin. Online marketing can be divided into five broad areas.