Hiring Director of Web Engineering in Denver

At Fruition we BUILD, GROW, and PROTECT enterprise product solutions for middle market companies across the US. We’re believers in open source stacks while not being tied to one particular platform. We’ve found that using Drupal, WordPress, or Magento are excellent fits for our client’s needs. As Director of Web Engineering you’ll be responsible for a team of in-house and remote developers, project managers, and devops experts to ensure that we’re delivering exceptional code and a world class customer experience. The rough split is 50% dev, 30% managing dev resources (code review etc), 10% technical support for the sales team (e.g. can and should we do a project), 10% misc. Strong LAMP/MEAN dev skills are a must to be successful in this role. Lots of experience with Drupal, WordPress, and Magento is ideal.

The basics of our commitment to you

  • Very competitive pay based on your experience, leadership abilities, and technical skill set.
  • A thick benefits package including health care, 401k match, stock, net profit bonus for the whole team, plus random fun stuff including a ski trip.
  • Legit flagship office in the center of Denver with our own coffee shop.
  • Support from the CEO, COO on down to give you the right amount of support and the right amount of letting you lead the way.

Culture Fit is Critical
Our culture is sacred at Fruition. We do not tolerate Blaming, Complaining, or Defending (“BCD”). We work together toward solutions with civility and respect for one another. We say what we’re going to do and we do it on time with the highest work quality possible.

The Right Engineering Skill Set for our Product/Service Mix
Your hands on skills as a developer are critical for code reviews, critical fixes and for ensuring your team is continuously improving.

  • You’re expected to have a thorough understanding of software engineering principles, design patterns, object-oriented-programming (“OOP”) and frameworks.
  • A demonstrated mastery of leading developers, project managers, and devops effectively through organizational growth and change.
  • A capacity to move quickly between strategic and tactical, understanding context, connecting seemingly unconnected ideas and taking the appropriate path including team and technology changes.
  • Experience and a desire to manage capital expenditures and operating budgets.
  • Ability to work with clients and our account management team when describing complex technical solutions.
  • Technologies and stacks that you’ll work with include: Javascript, react.js, REST/JSON, LAMP, Drupal 6,7,8, WordPress, Magento.

Technology Strategy
We operate Fruition near the bleeding edge but not on it. We’re not an R&D shop. For example, while we’ve used containers in the dev environment for some time we’re adopting Kubernetes via Rancher now. We waited until a stable solution for production containers was available with lots of documentation and escalation paths. We do not want to take on technologies that do not have a solid foot hold and will be obsolete. Instead we operate on a principal that we’re building scalable, survivable platforms that produce lasting value for Fruition and for our clients. Likewise we’re experimenting with blockchain technologies specifically Etherum for several applications but have not gone all in yet until the right fit presents itself to apply blockchain. It’s your job to say when the time is right to adopt a new technology and go all in on it.

We’re looking forward to you joining our team and helping lead us through the most exciting time in not just web technologies but in any technologies for generations.

  • Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx.