Health Care Technology Platform Building

Fruition has a long history of growing health care companies by building and marketing innovative technologies using digital. By building, growing, and protecting sophisticated marketing campaigns, patient engagement campaigns, and enterprise level employee engagement and connectivity Fruition builds enterprise value.

Fruition’s health care technology services range from creating enterprise resource management, to native apps for doctor and patient engagement, to using apps to connect teams, to digital signage, to web development, to the most complex marketing campaigns you can find. We accomplish these missions while keeping security and cost per patient top of mind.

Fruition’s goal is always to improve visibility into the company and enable the highest quality care for more patients that are generated through targeted marketing campaigns. Fruition builds the technology and marketing side of health care platforms for complex regional and national health ophthalmology and dental operations.

Health Care Technology & Marketing Platform Development

1. Owned Health Care Technology & Data

You cannot create value without having full access to the quality metrics required by payors. This means you need APIs to access data that is locked in your EMR(s). To unlock this value you build out or get access to data feeds.

Web services gives you the visibility into what is driving your patient care and collections. Fruition makes this happen by having a full technology team that can build and manage the servers and applications needed to create usable information for your board, your executives, your practice leaders, and individual team members.

    Technology Ownership Includes:

  • Platform development – If you have a vision for what you need to run your health care company we use our software development expertise to make your mission critical apps and backends run.
  • Dashboard creation – Full visibility into your platform with KPIs and key drivers.
  • NPS – Net Promoter Score apps. Deploy apps in your health care facilities that you own or in your network to gauge patient satisfaction in real time.
  • Health Care Security Management – Including firewall management, Intrusion Detection Systems (“IDS”), bug bounty, and phishing tests (we make sure your team members know how to stay secure).

2. Health Care Marketing – Driving the lowest cost per patient visit (what does it take to get them in the door)

The cost of acquiring and keeping patients is growing significantly. Long gone are the days when you could open your doors regardless of your practice’s focus and have an endless stream of patients. Fruition’s marketing team generates the lowest Cost Per New Patient (“CPP”) and the highest Lifetime Value (“LTV”) by bringing the right patients back to your providers at the right time.

    Health Care Marketing Services Include:

  • Design – Design isn’t just websites or brochures. It’s everything that visually represents your company; from way finding in your offices, to what your receipts look like. Design brings your plan to life.
  • Development – Development includes website development. Websites may include specific team sites, customer facing websites for marketing and information, integration with Apple Health Kit, and other integration that are coming to life now including IoT.
  • Paid Search, Paid Social, and Display – Google Adwords, Bing, Facebook, anywhere where we can reach current or new patients.
  • Celebrity Engagements – Fruition can place a value and a plan around celebrity engagements. Fruition currently works with some of the biggest names in the NFL, professional cycling, skiing, and can identify ideal endorsers.
  • Offline marketing – Billboards, partnerships, even direct mail on occasion.
  • SEO – Ranking for the proper keywords is more critical than ever. Fruition actively optimizes hundreds of thousands of keywords for clients.
  • Reputation management – The reputation of your providers and your clinics is critical. Patients look at reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and other local sites when making decisions on which procedures they may want and which clinics to book appointments with.
  • App development – Native iOs and Android app development, deployment, and marketing.

How do we work with your health care company?

Fruition can take on a small portion of the above responsibilities or we can be your full service digital solutions provider. The focus of the work depends on what stage of scaling up that you’re in. If you’re just starting your platform or buying into one; then our work is heavy on the architecture side (even if you think your platform is messy now, just wait until you do multiple add-ons with the wrong technology). If your platform is well established then we can fit into discrete components of the above items and ensure that your business is firing on all cylinders.

Our engagement process is very consultative. Chat with us and we can see if we’re a good fit for your health care enterprise.

Who do we work with?

We have two groups that we work with on a daily basis:

  • The first group are outside investors – private equity, venture, or family funds that have made an investment in a health care platform and are scaling up. We’ve done projects from IT, marketing, diligence reviews to full engagements to build out a platforms infrastructure.
  • The second group are sophisticated owner/operators that want to utilize technology to meld their team’s culture, their patient care, and who do not want to work with dozens of different agencies to grow their business.

How we engage with clients? Fast and easy engagement with no long term commitments

We’re easy to work with. We like to start out with a low commitment discovery project to understand the scope of work. The output of a discovery project is often a full technology and marketing blueprint (existing tech and marketing production and strategies to scale). Once we understand where your business is at we can discuss the ways that Fruition can have the biggest impact. The biggest impact often depends on what stage your business is in. If it’s a start-up it might mean you need IT beefed up for compliance and security. If you have 10+ locations you likely need refinement with how technology connects your teammates to ensure consistent culture across locations and teams. The details of the engagement are fun to work out. What’s important to know is that we strive to create long lasting client relationships by offering the right mix of unbeatable skill/value and a personal connection with everyone on the team so that you know we’re treating your business just like we treat Fruition.

Connect with us on your health care technology requirements at 303-395-1880.