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Fruition’s Google Penalty Checker applies advanced statistics and machine learning to organic search data to remove the uncertainty that is often associated with SEO. Fruition developed this technology in-house. The free version gives you great knowledge into how your site is performing up to the last three months.

  • Check 2 websites for Google Penalties for free in 60 seconds
  • Graphically see which Google updates impacted your websites
  • 1 minute setup!
  • Fully featured up to the last three months.
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  • Unlimited Traffic Analysis

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How the Google Penalty Checker Tool Works

The exact formula used for the penalty checker tool is proprietary. What we will say is that we utilize our math Ph.D’s and our servers running a statistical analysis program to quickly isolate which updates have the most statistically significant impact on your website.

Our Penalty Checker custom plans allow you to tailor your penalty checking to best fit your enterprise or agency. You can analyze more that 2 websites (up to unlimited), get the fastest reporting on new Google updates, personal 1-on-1 support, and API usage if required. Contact Fruition today to discuss your custom penalty checker setup.