Google Features Update – Time to Update your Search Optimization Strategies

Google is introducing some new tweaks to their search features which should, if they haven’t already, work their way into your search optimization plans.

1. More localized search results – in particular for mobile users using map results. If you’re a restaurant or other business that relies heavily on local traffic this could make or break it for you in 2010.

2. Photo search – instead of typing in a search phrase you take a photo. It’s image search in reverse e.g. take a photo of a product at a shop and Google Visual Search will produce a list of prices and reviews. I think this is pretty cool myself.

3. Real Time Google Search – See blog Fruition’s posts over the last few days about Google Twitter results.

4. Google Favorite Places – it’s a phone based short cut to provide Google reviews or get coupons on a pre existing Google local business listing.