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We believe in Google Analytics – in fact, nearly all of our clients utilizing our other online marketing services use Google Analytics and receive ongoing consulting as part of their campaign.

Web analytics is critical to your online marketing success. No matter what type of marketing your company is engaged in, if it leads to customer interaction with your website, your web analytics will play an important role in your success. Measuring customer interaction with the site gives you the information you need to make key decisions that increase leads and/or sales, help you understand how customers use your site and pinpoint what parts of the site can be improved to optimize your marketing campaigns.

Installation Services
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The complexity of Google Analytics installation is largely determined by what you want to accomplish with this powerful tool.

Depending on your needs the installation of Google Analytics can get complex. This is usually when there is a need to pass more data to the analytics engine / database. In these cases custom coding is typically required.

Actually placing the code on the site is usually the easy part, it is the business analysis & configuration that forms the real work and value behind this service. Our installation service includes the evaluation needed to ensure the highest value is realized from your analytics installation.

Small Business Google Analytics Setup: $650
Appropriate for small sites with limited data collection needs
Evaluation of Data Needs
Configuration of up to 2 Goals w/ Funnels
Placement of code in dynamic template or on up to 20 static pages
Automated Report Configuration (up to 2 reports)
User Access Setup
1 Hour of Support / Training

E-Commerce, Mid-Market Google Analytics Setup: $1,500
Appropriate for E-Commerce or any site with Multichannel Marketing, for those with more extensive data collection needs
Evaluation of Data Needs
Configuration of up to 4 Goals w/ Funnels
Up to 4 filters
Up to 4 custom dashboard modules
Development of Custom Code
Placement of code in dynamic template or on up to 40 static pages
Automated Report Configuration (up to 8 reports)
User Access Setup
3 Hours of Support / Training

Enterprise Level Google Analytics Setup: Starting at $2,500
This service is completely custom and addresses every aspect of your company’s use of and interaction with Google Analytics.

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We have a broad range of experiences working within the context of Google Analytics to achieve meaningful data sets.

If you know what you want to measure, but aren’t sure how to achieve it – we can help!

We’ll work with your marketing and development teams to find the right technical solution to match your business needs.

If you aren’t quite sure what the most important metrics are – we can help!

We will consult with you to determine how your web analytics can work to meet your business challenges. Typically our end goals are increased sales and/or increasing lead generation, most generically it can be thought of as user action

Our Consulting Fee is billed hourly and can be purchased in blocks according to the following schedule:

1-4 hours = $150/hr
5-9 hours = $140/hr
10-19 hours = $135/hr
20+ hours = $130/hr

With Google Analytics You Can:

Measure the effectiveness of each online marketing campaign

Measure conversion rates

Measure the types of visitors your site receives (though these metrics are much different than conventional customer segments)

Measure where each visitor to the site comes from

There are literally hundreds of different possible data points and segments – we’ll help you find the right metrics for your business goals.

Complex Implementations We Have Experience With:

Tracking across multiple domains (for conversion tracking)

E-commerce Data

ROI Evaluation

Profit/Loss Evaluation

Custom Coding to Capture Relevant Data

Conversion Optimization

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Google Analytics Training:

One of the significant advantages of using Google analytics is its flexibility to meet a wide variety of business problems. Our Google Analytics training program is designed in the same way, to meet your specific business needs. Our training can cover whatever you and your team needs. If you aren’t sure what you need to know, then the training process will act partially as a consultation service as well, first helping you to understand what it is you are seeking then showing you how to find it.

1-4 Hour = $175/hr
5-9 Hours $165/hr
10+ Hours $155/hr

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Conversion Optimization

Conversion optimization is the process of improving the design, layout, structure, flow (essentially user experience) with the express purpose of improving conversion rates. The conversion rate of the site is based on a specific action or set of actions that the sites owner wants visitors to the site to take. Each site can have more than one conversion goal, and thus rate. For instance, an ecommerce company may want users to sign up for a newsletter, as well as purchase a product.

Our Conversion Optimization service will help you identify how to most effectively promote your goals to your site’s visitors.

This service includes:
Goal Consulting
Site Analysis
Development of a Conversion Optimization Testing Plan
Site Testing for Statistical Winners (via Google Website Optimizer)

Each project will likely involve multiple iterations.

Learn more about our Conversion Optimization Service

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