Google Analytics Services

Google Analytics is the industry standard in analytics for Web, eCommerce, and PPC traffic. With Google Analytics, any SEO, Social Media, and PPC performance can be tracked through a variety of channels and platforms. By using this valuable analytics data, inbound marketing and online marketing efforts can be amplified by responding intelligently to how users move through a website.

Google recently released Google Analytics Premium, which delivers even more insight into web and online marketing performance. Google Analytics Premium is a paid service that can handle complex website situations, advanced analytics features, and more.

Fruition Google Analytics Consulting Services

Anyone can use Google Analytics to look up metrics like traffic volume, bounce rates, or average time on site – however not everyone knows how to use that data effectively. Google analytics reporting means knowing what metrics to compare, deciphering what those metrics means in terms of user intent, user experience, and how users have interfaced on a website, and finally what to do with that data once you have it.

Google Analytics is a very powerful tool, but it’s just that: a tool. To be effective and helpful, it must be used correctly. Fruition’s analytics consultants are experienced and knowledgeable about taking raw data from Google Analytics and converting it into meaningful, actionable insight into what you need to do to grow your web presence even more.

Audit & Strategy

Good Analytics should be run in a very scientific way, therefore the first step is to create a benchmark for current/past performance, evaluate what metrics and goals are important, examine user experience, and identify any challenges that can be solved right away. Taking time to strategize and set goals will help measure success in the future.


Implementing Google Analytics is more complex than just installing it onto the website. That’s why Fruition’s analytics team is thorough, and keeps the goals of the client in mind when implementing Google Analytics. This including covering every page of the website, setting up goals and conversion funnels, and tying in SEO, Social Media, PPC, and mobile data.

Training & Support

Fruition’s Google Analytics Training & Support program is a comprehensive and custom way to train your team to learn Google Analytics in house. If outsourcing regular analytics management isn’t an option for you, then training your team to learn the ins and outs of Google Analytics along with reading data and creating actionable next steps is the best way to benefit from the power of Google Analytics.

Consulting & Business Analytics

No matter what size business you have, or how large or complex your website, we can service Google Analytics accounts of any kind. We specialize in Google Analytics for business, and can plug in your online marketing campaigns to Google Analytics to deliver clear, actionable data.

Migration to Google Analytics

If you’re using another analytics software and need to migrate to Google Analytics, Fruition’s analytics team can help you make that switch. We’ll make sure your historical data is preserved, all of your goals are maintained, and that Google Analytics is properly installed seamlessly throughout your website.

Advanced Integration

Do you have a challenging analytics situation? Not all websites are straightforward. We’re great at working through unusual analytics situations, and can expertly manage Google Analytics accounts for websites that aren’t standard. This includes eCommerce integration, advanced user segmentation, content categorization and grouping, behavioral targeting, flash, video & multimedia, mobile/social, CRM, and marketing automation.

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