Google Analytics Audit & Strategy

A Google Analytics audit is an overall look at how your current analytics account is working, how past and current metrics are being measured and used, and what has been successful and unsuccessful in the past. By reviewing all digital assets before the start of a campaign, we can gather important information about how to strategize and move ahead.

Without a solid strategy and pre-defined goals, analytics is just a very fancy hit counter. What makes analytics so powerful are the goals and intent that define success and put that data into context that can be acted upon. Not all goals are financial, however. Many goals can be higher social media engagement, more users completing conversion funnels, more event completions (such as newsletter sign ups, opt ins, or share button clicks), etc. Other important metrics can be compared to user experience functions and outlined to define success, such as acceptable time on site, acceptable bounce rate thresholds, ideal exit pages, and more.

It is also important to gain feedback about the site’s intended usage in order to research whether or not users are getting the intended benefit. Often, web pages aren’t executed properly (inaccurate keyword optimization, poorly written content, inaccurate images, broken links, poor call to actions, etc), and because of this, high bounce rates can occur regardless of high traffic volume. To fully understand what analytics data is saying, it’s useful to reconcile the data that tells us what users are doing once they get to a web page vs what the intended use of that page is.

Fruition is a Google Analytics Partner, and we follow standard steps to analyze a website’s performance, audit current/past performance, and create a strategy moving forward. We also employ some of our own audit techniques that are unique to Fruition, and create a custom audit that extracts as much meaning from analytics data as possible.

In a website audit, we move through the following steps:

  • Current analytics strategy
  • Tracking code
  • Custom javascript
  • Domains, subdomains hierarchical structure
  • Current analytics implementation & structure
  • Integration with external systems
  • Google AdWords
  • eCommerce shopping carts
  • Third party integration
  • Data integration (Data warehouse)
  • APIs
  • Filters and profiles: customized data sets for advanced analysis
  • Goal setup
  • Assist in goal identification if not created
  • Identify configuration & data collection gaps
  • Marketing & traffic channels to ensure proper segmentation and tagging practices are in place
  • Assess analytics reports and dashboards
  • Verify key metrics are tracked for proper analysis and decision making
  • Present recommendations for improvement
  • Assist in the implementation and quality assurance of changes

Our goal is to expertly balance data, strategy, and insight to make analytics data impactful, meaningful, and actionable to your online marketing efforts. Without using critical thinking to gain the meaning behind the numbers, analytics is simply a tool being used below its potential. Using all the advanced features that Google Analytics offers, Fruition’s expert analytics team can harness that power to boost your online campaigns and improve your website’s performance, social media performance, SEO & PPC amplification, and mobile experience.

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