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Drupal is an excellent Content Management System (CMS) however it’s native Search Engine Marketing specifically its Search Engine Optimization (SEO) potential is fairly poor. Out of the box Drupal is bulky and the native internal linking structure is poor to say the least. Yet, the weak Drupal SEM is fixable. Here are a few fixes that can get your Drupal website’s SEO up to speed.

Fruition runs SEO on several very high profile Drupal driven websites and hundreds of small business Drupal sites. If you need help with your Drupal SEM/SEO services just fill out our contact form or give Fruition a call. If you are just looking for a few types that you can do on your own start with the list below.

If you’re starting from scratch use the Pressflow build of Drupal. It includes many of the most important page speed optimization plugins that are necessary to get Drupal running faster.

If you’re not starting from scratch and instead performing SEO services on a prebuilt Drupal website install these modules:
1. Node – Allows content to be submitted to the site and displayed on pages.
2. Nodewords – Allows users to add meta tags, e.g. keywords or description. This module doesn’t actually implement any meta tags, but requires other modules to implement them.
3. Page Title
4. Mollom – Form validation – not as much SEO or SEM related as it is to help keep your website secure. It works well so I include it in every Drupal list I write.
5. Mini Panels – Create mini panels that can be used as blocks by Drupal and panes by other panel modules. This helps to get nice snippets of SEO content in various Drupal pages.
6. Panel nodes – Create nodes that are divided into areas with selectable content.
7. Path – Allows users to rename URLs this is obviously important in following SEO best practices for Drupal url structure.
8. Path redirect – Redirect users from one URL to another.
9. Pathauto – Redirect users from one URL to another. This automates the URL rewriting in Drupal websites when you change a content’s URL.
10. Search 404 – This helps capture link equity when you get those occasional 404 errors or when users type in the wrong url. If you get enough of them (they show up in the log file) you can create an path redirect from the mistyped url to the correct one to ensure page rank is flowing without lose through out your Drupal website.
11. XML Sitemap – Google has flat out said they prefer to crawl the entire site but it still helps to create sitemaps. The XML Sitemap module does the job for Drupal sites.

If you are looking for SEO or SEM help for your Drupal website give us a call. We optimize hundreds of Drupal sites every year.

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