Drupal iPhone App Development

Drupal iPhone apps that fly! Fruition knows Drupal (see our portfolio of sites) and Fruition knows iPhone apps (again see our portfolio). We combined these two complimentary but certainly uniquely skilled development teams to create a ready made iPhone apps for Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 websites. This means that we have the basic app done and ready to interact with your website. This cuts down on the Drupal to iPhone development costs and time. The result is we get your Drupal drive iPhone or Android app up and running quickly and affordably. As far as we know Fruition is the only app development company that offers a ready made iPhone app for Drupal sites.

Who the Drupal iPhone App is for?

There Drupal to iPhone app is for businesses that have a Drupal website (or who are thinking about developing a Drupal site) and want to utlize the Drupal database to drive the data for the mobile iPhone, iPad, or Android app. Fruition can build the Drupal site from scratch, it can work with your existing Drupal development team, or a combo of the above.

What converts well to iPhone from Drupal

Really just about any app that needs data to run. Drupal’s core is solid and can drive complex sites.

The difference between a native app and a mobile theme

A native app is installed on the phone. A mobile theme is just a different stylesheet setup for mobile browsers. Native apps have much higher usability scores vis a vis mobile themed websites. With native iPhone or Android apps you are able to accomplish a lot more than with a mobile theme for your website.

The difference between an html5 site and a native app

There is a lot of buzz right now about HTML5. The goal of HTML5 is essentially to make mobile themed websites have the same functionality as a native app. Right now that still is not possible. However, HTML5 has a lot of potential in the coming years.

Costs involved in an Drupal -> Iphone App

Most Drupal to iPhone apps cost at least $25,000. Many Drupal to iPhone apps can run up into the seven figures. That is a big range but there is a big difference in apps and the type of data that needs to be integrated.

Examples of iPhone apps driven by Drupal

The best, and largest, example of a native app that is powered by a Drupal core is Golfzing. Golfzing is a iPhone and Android app that is driven by Drupal website golfzing.com.

How to get started

Simple contact us to discuss the project requirements. We love building Drupal iPhone apps so we will be excited to hear from you.