Heat Maps / Website Design / Conversion Analysis

Website Heat Maps

A heat map enables the website owner to determine what areas of a website the visitors find most interesting. It is best displayed visually.

As you can see the more red the color, the greater the activity on that area of the website. Thus, for Google rankings the top 5 listings get a majority of the eye balls. You will also notice the red lines on the image, these represent the “fold,” the area above where you would have to scroll down to see more of the page.

Fruition can enable heat mapping of your website. Use of heat maps has enabled Fruition’s clients to improve their sales conversion rate and provide an improved visitor experience on our client’s websites. Contact Fruition today to get setup with a heat map and the subsequent conversion analysis and improvement services.

Conversion Analysis

Fruition conducts conversion analysis for e-commerce and lead based websites. Using several multi-variate conversion analysis tools we can improve your conversion rate. The time it takes for a successful conversion analysis and improvement campaign is largely determined upon the number of visitors your website receives.

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