Cosmetic Surgeon SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Internet Marketing for Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeons

Cosmetic and plastic surgery SEO, Search Marketing and Internet Marketing are great avenues for cosmetic and plastic surgery offices to develop leads and new clients. As with other markets, cosmetic surgery online marketing is superior because it delivers pre-qualified and self-selecting leads. Search marketing allows us to target marketing based on exactly what the consumer is seeking. For instance if the consumer is searching for “liposuction Los Angeles” or “breast augmentation New York” it is possible to guide their path through internet search and push them towards particular sites.
cosmetic surgeon seo

Cosmetic Surgery SEO

Cosmetic surgery internet marketing roots itself in the fact that finding a plastic surgeon is an especially local exercise. Thus the search engine marketer must work to find local solutions for both the surgeon and the consumer of an elective medical procedure. Plastic surgery internet marketing can therefore target not only “local search” search terms including the city or region as in “los angeles plastic surgeon,” but also geo-target terms for the larger cosmetic surgery search market. In these cases cosmetic surgery internet marketing targets keyword searches from IP addresses located within a specified distance from a zip code.

Cosmetic surgery online marketing can, for example, identify when an individual in downtown LA searches for “plastic surgery” and place a specified website for a Los Angeles plastic surgeon in the search results. In this way internet search marketing for cosmetic surgeons is not invasive; rather it is a useful guide for the consumer to help them make good decisions.

As plastic surgeons face greater competition in well established markets, search engine marketing for plastic surgeons is emerging as one of the highest ROI marketing methods available in every major US market. Plastic surgeons can not only get more affordable leads through an internet marketing campaign, they can also increase their overall number of leads and get more quantifiable results. Search engine and internet marketing for plastic surgeons provides the best possible return for marketing dollars spent.

What to Expect From a Plastic Surgeons Internet Marketing Campaign

Fruition provides internet marketing for plastic and cosmetic surgeons that focuses on generating targeted traffic from search engines. Targeted traffic is that is pre-qualified in some way and thus more likely to convert from a visit to a lead. In the case of our internet marketing services for plastic surgeons, we focus on driving traffic from the major search engines. This traffic is not only pre-qualified but also self-qualifying, which means that someone is actively searching for the services that the plastic surgeon is offering.

Plastic Surgery SEO

There are two key sources of leads generated for plastic surgeons from search engines. The first is through a form of search known as “local search.” Local searches are those searches which include a locality within the term searched, such as “plastic surgeon in New York.” The second is through searches that specify the type of services sought, for instance “new york breast augmentation.”

Through careful, robust search targeting Fruition is able to deliver a great conversion rate from visitors to leads for plastic surgeons in all major markets.

Plastic Surgery Online Marketing Increases Returns over Time

Every other form of marketing produces steeply declining returns after each step forward; not so with internet marketing. Our plastic surgery marketing services offer increasing returns over time and a steady flow of leads. You’ll get more leads in month six than in month three, and you won’t have to spend more. The best part is that you own the marketing platform. You aren’t paying for someone to publish a paper or magazine, you are paying to develop a powerful marketing campaign that you own.

Quantifiable Results for Cosmetic Surgery Internet Marketing

We can tell you exactly how many leads you generate each month through our internet marketing campaigns. Most surgeons don’t know how much they spend per lead generated from marketing, but we track the source of every visit to the site and can see exactly what each visit does.

We can tell you how many visitors turned into a lead and we can EVEN TRACK LEADS GENERATED THROUGH PHONE CALLS!

No more guessing how much each plastic surgery lead is costing you. We will generate monthly reports showing you exactly how many leads our marketing services are generating and where they are coming from.

Internet marketing for plastic surgeons offers the best value in marketing available in any medium. Offering lower costs, well targeted visitors and highly converting leads

Fruition’s Internet Marketing SEO Services for Plastic Surgeons Start At: $2,0000

Contact us today for a free evaluation and quote and a free copy or our “Plastic Surgery Internet Marketing Report” for your market.

Plastic surgeon internet marketing services available in all mid and large size markets including:

El Paso
Fort Worth
Los Angeles
Memphis TN
New York City
San Antonio
San Diego
San Francisco
San Jose CA
Washington DC

Plastic Surgery Internet Marketing

How Does Our Zero-Risk Guarantee Work?

Our Zero-Risk Internet Marketing Guarantee for Cosmetic Surgeons means:
1. You pay $0 up-front for plastic surgery marketing
2. You pay only if top 10 results in Google are achieved
3. You continue to pay only if top 10 results are maintained

This special offer is only available to Plastic Surgery Marketing clients.

*not available in all markets

Fruition achieves top results for clients. One of our clients recently achieved position #1 in Google for “Denver breast augmentation” – we can do the same for your practice in your market.

Why Are Top 10 Results Important?

When we say “top 10 results in Google” we are referring to the non-paid results (see Ex. 1 to the left).

It’s critical to appear in the top ten search results in Google (and all search engines) because these are the results that show up on the first page of a Google search and this is typically the only page that people look at when using search engines.

Our cosmetic surgeon marketing service aims to initially capture top tne keyword positions and eventually push your site into the top 3 positions in Google, Yahoo and Bing for a variety of keywords relevant to your practice and specialties.

How Many and Which Keywords Will You Target?

For our typical plastic surgeon client, we target hundreds of keyword phrases and combos.

Picking keywords is the first step of our process. We work with you to find the right keywords for your plastic surgery practice marketing. When selecting keywords we consider traffic levels, likely conversion rates based on experience and what types of clients/procedures you are seeking.

Keyword phrases that get the most and best traffic include the city or cities in which your practice operates, as well as the procedures you perform. The best keywords are typically formed like this:

New York plastic surgery
New York cosmetic surgeon
New York breast augmentation
New York rhinoplasty

How Do I See the Results?

You will see the results of your cosmetic surgery marketing campaign on a daily basis through increased lead generation and in a variety of monthly reports including: Keyword Position Reports, Project Status Reports and Traffic Reports.

This is an example traffic report:

Cosmetic Surgery SEO Pricing

We offer 3 levels of SEO service; the recommended level for you is dependent on your plastic surgery market and the competitiveness of your target SEO keywords. SEO pricing varies depending upon your market from small, e.g. Omaha, to the largest 20 cosmetic surgery markets, e.g. NYC, LA, Miami, Denver, Dallas, Phoenix, Etc.

What Efforts do Your SEO Services Include?

Our Search Engine Optimization services are comprehensive in scope and include everything needed to make your campaign a success:

1. Keyword Research and Strategy Development
2. Onsite Optimization of Code and Content
3. Extensive, Quality, Relevant Link Building Campaign
4. Analytics Install and Monitoring
5. Conversion Optimization

What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization for Cosmetic Surgeons?

Search engine optimization is the process whereby a site is optimized to be indexed by search engines for targeted terms. These targeted terms should be applicable to the given business, in this case plastic surgery, and can be viewed as a method of lead self-qualification.

This is a particularly effective form of marketing because of the self-qualifying nature of search marketing, and because the volume of search in the plastic surgery market is robust and continues to increase.

SEO Marketing for cosmetic surgeons is the service guaranteed in this offer, but we also offer PPC Marketing.

What is PPC or Pay-Per-Click Marketing for Plastic Surgeons?

Pay Per Click Marketing refers to buying text ads in search engines. It can be a very effective form of marketing if done correctly. Although our clients typically experience a higher ROI from organic search (or SEO), we also provide PPC management services. You can contact us through the same number or contact form, just let us know that you are interested in PPC.

This is an effective form of marketing for plastic surgeons because it allows us to target search results by geographic location, as well as keywords. This is a great form of complementary marketing to organic search marketing for plastic surgeons.