Conversion Analysis

Conversion analysis is the process of improving a web site in order to generate a sale or lead from more visitors of the site vis a vis a pre-optimized site. Fruition performs several aspects of website conversion analysis including the actual measuring of conversions and improving the conversion rate through implementation of web site changes. The purpose of conversion analysis is to increase the number of sales or leads you receive from the same number of visitors to your site.

The math of website conversion analysis

One of the most important numbers a website owner will want to understand and track is the conversion rate. Mathematically, the conversion rate is simply the number of sales or leads generated from x number of visitors. From here the math progresses into more complicated statistical analysis including the use of regressions to determine the likelihood that a website visitor will turn into a customer. The variables taken into account include every aspect of the website’s design including headers, images, load time, domain name, text, form structure, organization, etc. You can see with this many variables and roughly 3-10 different versions for each variable the number of experiments that are required are significantly more complicated than running just A/B testing.

Aspects of a successful website conversion analysis program.

  1. Understanding your customers. This falls outside of the Internet or website analysis. At the most basic level, who are your customers and what do they need?
  2. Understand how your customers use your website. The use of Google analytics or Clicktracks is one way to figure out the flow of visitors through your site. What do they click on? What don’t they click on? What pages cause cart or form abandonment? Figure these out and you’re on your way to a successful website conversion analysis program. However, these problems are not always so easy to spot. That’s where Fruition’s experience will save you time and money by quickly identifying what aspects of your site need testing. Fruition can implement heat maps and other sophisticated tools to pull out the problems with your site and quickly resolve them.
  3. Improving website content. Most websites lack quality content. Adding relevant content helps improve the site for the visitors and for the search engines. Fruition also has an extensive website content writing service to help shore up the text on your site.
  4. Improving calls to action. Again most website do not have the appropriate calls to action. For example, on this page there is a call to action for either asking questions about conversion analysis or ordering website conversion analysis services. On one of Fruition’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) pages there is a call to action about ordering SEO. The visitor is on the page for a reason and the call to action needs to address the visitors need. If they are browsing Fruition they probably aren’t too interested in buying a new car (at least not right at this second), thus give the website visitor the information and the call to action that best fits their need and your conversion’s will increase.
  5. Statistics don’t lie but variables do change. Use a multivariate testing service such as Google’s website optimizer or Fruition’s website testing service allows for the testing of the proper combination of header, images, and other aspects of the website design will be used. Yet, seasonal and other changes often skew these results. Thus, referring back to number 1 “understanding your customers” is an important factor in how to utilize post analysis date to determine which changes should go live on your site.

Fruition’s website conversion analysis services

Fruition’s website conversion analysis service includes the following:

  • Planning of the test. Fruition will work with your marketing, design, and program teams to implement the proper messages which require or are desired for testing.
  • Implementation of the test. Fruition will implement the various messages and initiate the test.
  • Post conversion analysis test reporting. Fruition will provide a several page report with bulleted action items on what works and what doesn’t work your website. At this point of the conversion analysis program your conversion rates will have already received a solid boost. The reporting is to ensure the conversion rates go up and the proper messages are implemented in other marketing channels.

Website conversion analysis pricing

Fruition’s website conversion analysis pricing is tiered based upon the number of experiments. This amount is always recouped in the increase in conversion rates. Thus Fruition’s website conversion analysis services have an ROI of less than 3 months.