How Fruition creates a competitive advantages for its clients

Fruition’s expertise is in using the three major areas of digital (design, development, marketing) to create transformational products and campaigns for its clients. Fruition gets your company online, keeps your products online, and uses its proprietary software platform to make digital your company’s competitive advantage.

Fruition enjoys a two pronged competitive advantage over other agencies:

    (1) Fruition’s talent – Fruition’s team is highly selective. With a strenuous hiring and training process, Fruition ensures that only A players make the cut. This translates into the best possible project outcome. With talent pulled from both the east and west coast and a lower cost of living, Fruition’s Denver base provides a cost effective solution to fulfill your digital requirements.
    (2) Fruition built its own SaaS platform for search campaign management – Fruition is the only agency to have its own enterprise grade SEO/SEM platform. Fruition’s significant investment in this platform gives it a competitive advantage over other agencies that only utilize third party software. By owning its own platform Fruition can detect and adjust its strategies quickly to provide faster campaign adjustments with high degrees of confidence.

With Fruition’s large agency talent, full stack development (we make cool things), and Denver, not New York or San Francisco rates Fruition becomes your company’s competitive advantage.

Fruition’s Client Profile

Fruition’s clients are sophisticated and they know their own businesses inside and out. Our best clients need the long term digital partner to bring their ideas to fruition. If you don’t know your business, or aren’t sure what it is you want to do then we’re not the best fit.

    Fruition’s clients are typically found in one of these verticals:

  • Health care – Service providers including hospitals, medical centers, regional chains, private equity growth focused
  • Ecommerce- Large complex ecommerce sites, fantasy sports sites.
  • Manufacturing / Enterprise – Corporate intrapreneurship, custom intranets, HR apps, team building programs.
  • Travel & Hospitality – Resorts, chains, golf course management companies, ski resorts, convention centers,
  • Government & Quasi-Government – Govt Agency sites, airports, political campaigns

Digging Deeper into Fruition’s Services

Website development

Fruition’s website development projects focus on large digital products.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been Fruition’s core since 2003. SEO often provides the highest ROI for client’s ad spends and provides Fruition the best margins.

Social & Paid

Because of the programmatic nature of social media and paid search engine marketing Fruition often combines these two areas. Paid search services include Adwords, Bing!, and display network management. Programmatic buys are used for larger spends. The goal is to get to 1-to-1 ad buys for every campaign.

The high rate of click and display fraud is a concern for Fruition. Fruition’s analysis of client’s spends, even direct buys with specific web properties, shows extensive display and click inflation which makes the true CPM and CPC significantly higher than web properties would like to admit. Fruition focuses on decreases click fraud and monitors client’s campaigns for known bots and uses a machine learning system to detect fraudulent clicks.


Fruition provides managed hosting for clients including health care companies, quasi government entities (convention centers), and other higher risk businesses. Fruition prefers to purchase hardware and rack it themselves in co-location facilities. By largely avoiding third party cloud hosting providers including Amazon AWS and Microsoft’s Azure Fruition provides a cost effective hosting solution with better security, fast serving of pages, high up-time, and easier management. Fruition provides 24/7 monitoring and support for all servers that Fruition manages for clients. Fruition’s adoption of Chef for bulk server management enables zero downtime upgrades for security releases.

Fruition also provides CMS management (Drupal, WordPress) for clients which helps keep websites secure. CMS patching and updating is automated so you know that updates happen as soon as a zero day vulnerability is found.

Because of Fruition’s technical expertise and investment in its own hardware, the cost of hosting with Fruition is typical 1/2 of utilizing Amazon AWS.


Fruition’s first SaaS product, the Google Penalty Checker tool, was generated with the assistance of two math Ph.D.’s who augmented Brad’s statistical knowledge to create a powerful toolset to guide SEO strategy. From signup to report it takes less than two minutes. This took significant time, investment, and expertise into statistical modeling, database optimization, and server management to ensure the high scalability and availability. Fruition’s penalty checker tool has 30,000+ registered users who test more than 100,000 websites.

Additional SaaS Tools

The current SaaS feature set includes a sophisticated site analyzer with integration into websites to enable one click updates across entire domains (which increases visibility into the site and decreases time spent on projects), a beta click fraud tool, a social metrics tool, ranking factors, to-do lists with customized alerts by domain, and most recently a Google Analytics backup tool.

The Google Analytics backup tool is another client driven innovation. This does what its name implies and simply keeps backups of clients’ Google analytics information. The tool was developed after a potential client mistakenly lost access to their Google Analytics account which had several years of historical marketing data. By happenstance, that same week, Google announced that it was going to begin deleting data from some high volume accounts. This created an opportunity for Fruition to create a new tool that would create peace-of-mind for client’s marketing teams. Peace of mind that only Fruition is offering at this time.

Because Fruition has access to this data through its existing tools it was able to roll out the Google Analytics backup service in three weeks. It is the only service of its kind currently on the market.

The Google Analytics Backup Service will likely never be a big revenue generator but its importance as a market differentiator and the value-add for clients is significant and is an example of a deliberate strategy for Fruition. This type of solution driven differentiation will continue for Fruition and be a driver of its success for its self and for its clients.

Learn More About Fruition

Once clients engage Fruition for SEO, development, or other services; Fruition’s talent is what keeps the client with us for years. Even with the best processes and the most sophisticated systems, if the brightest people are not on the team, clients would not stay.

To recruit and retain the best talent, Fruition puts a heavy emphasis on fostering a culture that is gritty (tough and hardworking), has fun (together and with clients), and instills trust in all teammates.

Fruition promotes servant leadership which requires team members to understand that they are being heard and that their voices matter. Fruition, has and will continue to, invest a significant amount of its leadership’s time in building and extracting the highest performance possible out of every team member. This starts before anyone is offered a position at Fruition. With refined hiring and onboarding processes Fruition’s success rate for hires has improved to over 80% which is difficult in the agency setting.

Diversity of talent

Fruition’s personal and team performance goals are structured to maximize individual performance. Because of Fruition’s full service offerings the different services require very different personalities. From designers, to developers, to SEO analysts, to writers, and researchers; the formalizing of hiring processes, onboarding, and management of the talent requires an ongoing investment in time and resources.

Hiring and onboarding is now a four step process that requires buy-in from multiple team members and an in-person presentation by the applicant before an offer is presented. Formalizing and slowing down the hiring process resulted in a significant improvement in the talent that Fruition has recruited and retained.

Finding Talent in Unique Places

Fruition worked with the State of Colorado, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation to interview individuals with Aspergers who would enjoy doing SEO research. To date, Fruition is fortunate enough to have found one individual with Aspergers a graduate of the University of Denver with a degree in mathematics. The individual has worked for Fruition for more than a year and provides insightful research into SEO strategies. In the future, Fruition hopes to expand this program with additional hires.