Clarity the FruJay

clarity-frujay Fruition introduced a new team member on May, 2nd 2016 – its name is Clarity the FruJay. Clarity is half blue jay and half a sense of purpose that is bigger than oneself. Clarity the FruJay combines the animate with the inanimate. Clarity’s genesis was an all-hands, all-day, offsite at the University of Denver where the Fruition team was pushed to understand what the team and the individuals’ mission were.

Fruition’s passion is growth. Growing Fruition’s business and growing its client’s businesses. Growth is important because companies either grow or they die. Growth allows for investment in new products and services. Growth also means new opportunity for advancement for individuals and for the team to conquer new and more complex challenges. Growing for growth sake is not our mission. A sustainable and positive growth for both Fruition and our clients must be ensured to create truly great companies. This means that risks must be understood and controlled, product and service quality must always remain exceptional, and no short cuts can be tolerated.

To grow while maintaining the right mix of risk and revenue requires clarity. Clarity of mission and execution. Without clarity, goals and how to reach them are only unknowns. This is where Clarity the FruJay ensures our growth strategy remains tight.

The symbolism of the blue jay is heavy. Blue is Fruition’s color. Blue represents trust and expertise. The blue jay represents clarity, energy, faithfulness, intelligence, determination, and communication. Blue jays are also fearless when protecting their brood. In the Native American Sioux tribe the blue jay represents clarity of thought.

Clarity, the FruJay, makes special appearances at Fruition events and at times has been known to make grand entrances.

* The all day offsite was held on 4/20/2016. Aside from natural dopamine, norepinephrine, endorphins, anandamide, and serotonin, it was not drug influenced.