China Internet Marketing

Fruition is currently working with several companies on internet marketing campaigns in China. These internet marketing plans including general internet marketing for China and search engine optimization and pay per click management in Mandarin.

China is the world’s second-largest Internet market, the number of Web users in 2005 has reached to 111 million. More than half of China’s Web population accessed the Web via broadband connections. China’s Internet market has great potential, it has already become China’s fastest-growing, most influential sector.

Major e-commerce operations that now have operations in China include and eBay (quasi e-commerce). Nearly all major consumer goods brands such as P&G also have sophisticated Internet marketing operations in China.

If your company is expanding into China or already has a presence in China and needs help planning and or executing your Internet marketing plan contact Fruition. We can help get your China Internet marketing off the ground and running!