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Company Background: Kaneka Nutrients manufacturers the primary ingredient in a popular dietary supplement. The ingredient is encapsulated into vitamins and supplements that are produced by over 135 different manufacturers, so the website is not intended to drive B2C sales. Consumer confusion surrounds ubiquinol primarily because it is a newer and more effective version of a similar product that has been on the market for the last 30 years. The site was developed to provide visitors with trustworthy information about the benefits of the nutrient, to illuminate why it is superior to competing products, and to offer guidance on where to purchase supplements.

Strategy: Ubiquinol.org’s responsive site was rolled out in January 2013 at the same time that a complete overhaul of the desktop site occurred. The new site includes various paths that a visitor can take to educate themselves on ubiquinol. A buyer’s guide features advice on how to read bottle labels and also provides a full list of brands that carry ubiquinol products. After several consultations between Fruition team members and Kaneka executives, it became clear that a functional and user-friendly responsive website would be imperative for consumers who are at the point-of-purchase or in a doctor’s office. The frequency of research completed on mobile devices by doctors is well-documented and is also a strong reason behind developing a responsive site. Additional site features, like an area dedicated to clinical study research and links to other reputable sources, provide credibility and ensure that consumers trust the content on Ubiquinol.org. Currently in development is a store locator feature that will direct consumers to the most convenient local retailer so they know where to find the supplements they want to purchase.

Results: Results from the site redesign and the introduction of responsive design have been notable. Visits are up nearly 200% overall, with mobile visits in particular up 122%. The average mobile visitor is staying on the site 30% longer than they were before the responsive site was in place. Organic ranking algorithms increasingly favor responsive sites, and as a result of the implementation of responsive design in the launch of the new website, Ubiquionol.org has markedly improved its presence in search engine results.

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