SEO & PPC Case Study: Salvage Antiques Engages Fruition to Increase Web Traffic is the online presence for Amighini Architectural. A family business with over 55 years of experience in salvaging architectural artifacts like antique doors, wrought iron balconies, fencing, fireplace surrounds and stained glass windows from historic buildings across the world. Amighini sells these unique architectural pieces to high-end homeowners,interior designers and architects.


Most of website traffic was coming in via Pay Per Click ads. They did not have a good handle on how much business this paid traffic generated. Amighini hired Fruition to improve online visibility by increasing organic traffic and reducing their PPC ad spend.

Marketing Director Natasha Hogan says, “We needed to find a way to improve our website traffic without having to pay for every click.”

The site was not ranking well on Google, Yahoo, or Bing and the challenge was to reach and maintain first page rankings for all of their target keywords, increase organic traffic, reduce their PPC ad spend and generate a positive return on investment within six months.


The SEO and PPC strategy included keyword research and selection, revisions and additions to the on-site copy, an aggressive link building campaign, on-site code changes, press releases and revisions to PPC ad text and landing pages.


Increased Traffic from SEO
In six months, Fruition delivered the following results:

  • Organic traffic doubled from 2000 visitors a month to over 4000 visitors a month from Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • The ratio of organic to pay per click traffic to the site improved dramatically. In month one, only 6% of traffic was organic, compared to 19% in month six. Paid per click traffic went from 54% in month one to 40% in month six. This was great news as they are now earning better organic traffic and relying less on paid traffic.
  • Keyword positions and overall volume showed great improvement. In month one, a total of 260 keywords drove traffic to the site. By month six, over 1000 unique keywords were bringing visitors in.
  • Pay per click ad efficiency showed better results for less money. After six months, they were paying half as much for better positions and greatly improved click thru rates.
  • Month one click thru rate was 2.46%. Month six click thru rate was 3.66%
  • Month one average cost per click was $.54, by month six it was down by over half at $.26 average cost per click.

All of this new website traffic generated an average of two new sales per month. Since Amighini sells such high ticket items, the six-month total return on investment was almost $10,000. The ROI investigation revealed that sales from E-bay produced even more than Google, so we will get to work optimizing the E-bay store soon.