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Industrial and Agricultural Manufacturing


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Danuser Machine Company is a family-owned manufacturer of attachments and OEM replacement parts for various industrial and agricultural heavy machinery. When they came to our team with a request to design and build a new website, we were immediately intrigued by the potential to improve the front-end design and user experience significantly. Additionally, we saw a huge opportunity to improve the data architecture of the products on the site while we completed the necessary Drupal 7 to Drupal 9 site migration.

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Our Approach to B2B Industrial Ecommerce

This project had many moving parts, including a need to drastically overhaul the presentation of content and products, a substantial Drupal 9 upgrade, and an overhaul to the data architecture of the products to allow for better product categorization and configuration. With that said, we started the project with a deep technical analysis of the current site and product structure and a design discovery to better understand the client’s goals for the new site. Our findings guided the rest of the project to a successful launch.

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Visual Design

Designing for clients in a B2B industry, and specifically manufacturing, can be challenging. Danuser did not disappoint. Their products and services are very technical and require a large amount of information and data be displayed so that customers can make informed decisions on what to buy. Danuser’s products also have many variations (mount types, tilt options, power ratings), and each of these variations comes with tables of supplemental information that is important for the customer. At the end of the day, we delivered a highly customized frontend design that delivers this data in an easily digestible format for users. We were also able to build a very modern frontend that reflects the sophistication and integrity of the Danuser organization.

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Data Normalization

With the designs approved, we had to begin finalizing architectural plans for the website and products. We decided to use Drupal Commerce on Drupal 9 to power the product information. Though we have no e-commerce on the site, our decision here will allow us to introduce it at a future date, if needed, or implement other e-commerce type features more easily (i.e. warranty registration). Since the existing site was architected with a very ‘flat’ data structure for products (most data being stored in images or flat HTML tables), our teams had to begin building out attribute structures for the many different types of products and went through the tedious process of filling in these data points (thank you, Danuser!). The outcome is a dynamic site with major improvements that allow Danuser to display product families within a single page so that customers can filter based on their requirements. This increases overall usability and also provides some major SEO benefits.

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