Casa Palmera Treatment Center

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Company Background: Casa Palmera is a residential behavioral health treatment facility in Del Mar, California, specializing in the treatment of alcoholism, drug abuse, eating disorders, and mental disorders. They have a unique approach to recovery, incorporating ancient healing techniques with modern science to develop treatment plans that involve individual and group therapy as well as holistic treatments, fitness, stress management, and spiritual reflection.

Strategy:Before joining Fruition’s client base, Casa Palmera’s pay-per-click ad campaigns were plagued by poor performance, producing numerous unqualified conversions and costing a lot of money to run. Casa Palmera’s qualified leads come from people who are seeking treatment for a disorder that they treat and are ready to check in, but they were getting significant unqualified traffic from people who were broadly researching mental disorders and treatments or were seeking rehabilitation for disorders Casa Palmera doesn’t treat. They came to us looking for help getting their leads and budget back on track.

Results: Our team reduced Casa Palmera’s PPC budget by more than half while simultaneously doubling the number of qualified leads they received. We achieved these results through comprehensive analysis of campaign statistics, which allowed us to identify and eliminate keywords and traffic sources that weren’t producing qualified leads. In addition, we modified ad content to clearly describe what Casa Palmera offers, targeted keywords that closely associate with treatments offered, established high-conversion times of the day, and narrowed the scope of their campaign to target consumers who were truly ready to convert. Lastly, we worked with Casa Palmera throughout the process to adjust their campaigns’ target audiences based on their changing objectives. PPC is by definition “pay-per-click;” thus, by precisely targeting only those who are most likely to convert to a sale, we avoided paying for clicks from people unlikely to convert and maximized Casa Palmera’s return on investment.

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