Technical Project Manager Test Scenario

Client Scenario

A multi location national salon brand is launching a number of new locations and is undertaking a hiring and recruiting push. They need to build a microsite for recruiting that supports their increased hiring needs.

Please refer to the sample Statement of Work for project requirements and estimates.

The client is out of state and there are at least three major stakeholders involved. The client has been with Fruition for a number of years, so we are familiar with their design and branding standards, but they are also a leader in their space, especially when it comes to technology. They trust us as experts but want to ensure their recruiting site looks and functions as a best in class solution.


Create a project plan based on the sample SOW above outlining how you would approach the project, including major milestones, estimated timeline, and communication schedules. Address how you would ensure that the project would stay on time and on budget throughout the process.

Please also include a sample client communication that you would send if the client had made a request that was out of scope and required a change order.

Don’t worry about document formatting for now – what is important is the project plan and thought process behind what you create.

You have approximately one hour to complete this portion of the interview and will be given time to walk through your project plan with your interviewers after completion.