Account Director Test Scenario

Client Scenario

A multi location national dental brand is launching its 10th location in Denver in 3 months. They will launch another 5 locations in the next 2 years.

Their marketing budget for 10 locations is $10,000 monthly for initiatives such as email marketing, SEO, content marketing, social media, in-store digital signage or print and management of paid campaigns. They also have a development retainer budget of $5000 monthly for website maintenance and the creation of new landing pages, forms, etc., though they are open to increasing this budget for a new project or feature on their site.

The client’s target market is middle-class families with children in the home. Ideally someone in their target market is employed, with dental insurance. Though the focus of the dental group is on dental health and maintenance, they also offer a range of cosmetic dental procedures that can be profitable for individual locations. Customer service and ease of access is paramount to their business model.


Create a campaign brief outlining a high-level location launch plan for the new Denver location that can also be used as a template for the next five locations they plan to open.

Recommend a pre-launch budget and strategy and a post launch budget and strategy. Create a timeline for deliverables. The campaign can include different digital or traditional marketing initiatives from what they are currently engaged with, and the budget will be separate from their normal monthly retainers. You can use the Internet for research, as well as Word and Excel to create your deliverable.

Don’t worry about document formatting for now – what is important is the content and strategy you create.

You have approximately one hour to complete this portion of the interview and will be given time to walk through your campaign brief with your interviewers after completion.