Twitter Topics

So, you have accepted the fact that Twitter marketing is important to your business. Your Twitter account is set up and you have customized the background to reflect your brand. You’ve gained a few followers.
Now what..?
Create quality Twitter content that your followers will want to read.
Easier said than done.
Here are ten ideas to get you started:
1) Share customer success stories.
2) Share an interesting fact about your company’s history.
3) Share tips from your trade.
4) Share the latest business book you are reading.
5) Announce any charitable events or happenings in your community.
6) Announce your latest blog post, newsletter or press release.
7) Comment on some industry news.
8) Describe any cutting edge projects you are working on.
9) Share a customer testimonial.
10) Tweet something funny that happened in the office today.

Be honest. Be transparent. Be yourself.

Kara Galvin

Kara Galvin is a member of Fruition’s business development team and is based out of Colorado. Kara is an award-winning sales and marketing professional driven by a desire to boost client profits and cultivate positive, lasting client relationships.