I don't like losing to my competitors

I’ve decided the number one driving force behind all businesses is simple competition. Sure we all want to help our clients out but more than that we want to do it better than our competitors. Why I don’t like losing:
1. It hurts.
2. It’s been proven that it lowers testosterone. That’s why losers remain losers.
3. It means you lost
4. It means you failed
5. It means someone else is better at it than you.

Ok so it’s a little harsh but I really do not like losing to my competitors. Even if I like my competitors I still don’t want to lose to them! So I’m off to work on our own SEO a bit more to beat our competition!

Brad Anderson

Brad Anderson is the founder and CEO of Fruition. Brad combined his passion for marketing, technology, innovation and data-based decision making into a successful national digital marketing agency when he created the Denver-based Fruition. Brad brings the unique perspective of an expert marketer, board member, agency owner and entrepreneur to his career and his thought-leadership writing.

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