Google Fights Back to NY Times JC Pennys Article and Releases Web Spam Browser Plugin

Google isn’t sitting back and letting the NY Times rage about blackhat SEO tactics. It released a Chrome browser add on that frankly scares the living day lights out of me. The new chrome tool bar add on lets you mark certain comment as search spam. The problem is I know some of my seo competitors will use all of their cheap labor in India along with their proxy servers and just start bounding our websites as search spam. I hope Google has another layer of authentication in there to prevent that.

Here’s a link to the Chrome web spam plugin:

Here’s the slide show showing how it works:

When you first install you get
“Domains/Hosts blocked from Google search results

No domains/hosts are blocked yet. Block by clicking ‘Block [domain/host]’ link next to a search result.”

Again, I really hope that this plugin has another layer of security on top of it to prevent malicious uses.

Brad Anderson

Brad Anderson is the founder and CEO of Fruition. Brad combined his passion for marketing, technology, innovation and data-based decision making into a successful national digital marketing agency when he created the Denver-based Fruition. Brad brings the unique perspective of an expert marketer, board member, agency owner and entrepreneur to his career and his thought-leadership writing.

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