Facebook Fan Box – How to use it and get more fans

Facebook’s Fan Box is similar to Linkedin’s signature box and the various other tools that link back to ones social profile. The question is, who gains from using the box, is it Facebook or the user? The answer boils down to the lifetime value of the interaction. Is pushing the user to your Facebook profile more valuable than capturing their data right now through a form? That answer varies for every business. For Fruition we know that getting the lead in the door and starting a one on one interaction is more valuable than a new Fan on Facebook, a new follower on Twitter, or a new connection on Linkedin. But your business maybe different. Give us a call or fill out the lead form today and we can help you figure out what works for your business. Just in case you haven’t seen a Facebook fan box before here’s Fruition’s:

Brad Anderson

Brad Anderson is the founder and CEO of Fruition. Brad combined his passion for marketing, technology, innovation and data-based decision making into a successful national digital marketing agency when he created the Denver-based Fruition. Brad brings the unique perspective of an expert marketer, board member, agency owner and entrepreneur to his career and his thought-leadership writing.