Adding Google Plus One with Google Analytics

Creating an event out of Google Analytics only takes one small extra step. The benefit of getting the Google +1 data in Google analytics is two fold. First, you can segment traffic that +1’s your pages. This can help you determine if this traffic is generating more sales, spending more time on the site, and what I have found most interesting how it compares to traffic that uses Facebook’s Like button. Secondly, you get a good indicator of what causes people to it the +1 button. You can run A/B test to determine placement of the +1 button to improve this traffic.

To get started, and if you haven’t done so already, first get the Google Plus 1 code from their tool creator at Plusone-button.

add google plusone to your page with google analytis

When you get your Plus One code just add this line below it on your page. This will show up under Events in Google Analytics.

The next step you can do to get data is to create an Advanced Segment of traffic that presses the Plus One button.

Brad Anderson

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