Mobile App Store Marketing & Optimization

Mobile App Store Marketing & Optimization is the latest incarnation of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The Apple iTunes store, the Android marketplace, the Blackberry store, the Windows mobile shopping experience, are all nothing more than search engines dedicated to mobile apps for specific devices. In addition Google’s app search limits results to apps in the major marketplaces. Getting your app found and keeping it above other apps in the search results is imperative for running a profitable app.

Elements of Mobile App Optimization

There are dozens of variables that Fruition looks at when optimizing an app for higher placement within any of the app stores. Here’s an example of the variables that you have to be aware of when looking at the Android market.

Elements of App Optimization

1. Image – The thumbnail is critical. Does it convey what your app is about instantly? Does it convey a high quality app? A poorly designed app thumbnail could destroy an apps chances of success.

2. App name – Is the app name short and to the point. Does it convey what the app is about and convey quality? Does it fit in the first line of the results?

3. Company name – Is your company name Hackers R Us or Nike? Does your brand fit the app?

4. Price – The pricing of an app is covered in another blog post in more detail. Pricing strategy is a complex game that you have to consider carefully to maximize your chances of enjoying profitability for your app.

5. Reviews – This goes without saying that the better the reviews are the more likely you are to get additional downloads. If the reviews are terrible you’re better off pulling the app, reworking it, and then releasing again under a new name.
app store optimization

Focus on the big app stores

The Apple iTunes store is by far the largest app marketplace with over 200,000 apps (the chart below is slightly dated). It also has the most visitors and users but only by a slight margin over the Android market
App store pricing