iPhone Development – Examples of Apps

We’re showcasing the American Golf iPhone and Android App called Golfzing. Golfzing is a website that allows users to book discount tee times, play fantasy golf, and pal around with their golf buddies online. It was launched in 2010 and has been met with great feedback from users and industry pros alike. The Golfzing app’s goal was to extend the Golfzing functionality to the mobile device. In particular to allow the user to book tee times and make their fantasy golf pics on their phone.

iPhone Development

Step One – Wireframe Mock-Ups

iphone wireframe

The iPhone development was started first because their was a higher proportion of Apple users on the website. Like all app development process the first stage is to create the business requirements. This is followed by the wireframe process. The wireframe process allows serves two purposes. First, it allows the decision makers to visualize what the app is going to be doing. Second, it gives the designers an idea of the design elements that need be created.

The app wireframing process is a lot of fun. It allows stakeholders, designers, developers, marketers, and everyone involved in app to voice their opinion on what the best use scenarios are for the app. This maybe difference for iPhone and Android since the devices are different. For example, the iPhone screen is either the 3gs or the 4 version. Where Android devices come in dozens of sizes and are designed for either small, medium, or large.

Step Two – App Design and Development

The next stage is the app design and development. The design process is critical for creating a high quality mobile app. Designs also vary for iPhone and Android devices. The iPhone screen resolution is significantly better than all but a few Android devices. Thus, high quality images are used to show case the app’s features.

The development of the app takes place in parallel with the app design. The developers will begin working on the most difficult features of the app and the basic User Interface (UI). As the UI takes shape design elements will be worked in as they are completed.

iphone development processes

Step Three – App Testing and Marketing Prep

The third phase of app development is often testing. Testing takes place on both test devices and on individuals phones that are involved with the project. This ensures that a varied set of devices have the app before it’s rolled out. There are lots of feedback loops built in to ensure bugs and UI issues are worked out before the app is submitted to the store.

As the app is being tested Fruition’s app marketing team is working on the write ups for the app stores and preparing the appropriate landing pages and integrations for websites (if there are any).

Step Four – App Release

The app release date is an exciting time. It conjures up images of smashing the bottle against the nose of the ship and grand parties. Usually, it involves a high five and maybe a happy hour. Once the app is released marketing and app updates take center stage.