iPhone App and Droid App Development

Fruition’s Denver based mobile app development team creates iPhone and Android apps for a wide range of uses. From the simple porting of a website to mobile devices (webviews), to complex integration with massive databases, Fruition’s app development team can map out the entire project, work with your existing development team, and or handle all aspects from idea to fruition.

Is your app idea new or for an existing business?
  • My app is a brand new business centered around the app.
  • An existing business that wants to extend its product or service onto mobile devices
A typical iPhone or Android App Development Lifecycle
1. App Feasibility

Fruition analyzes each app idea before we even price it out. If we do not feel that the app is going to work properly (make money) or if we simply do not think it is a good fit for Fruition because of economical, technical, or timeline requirements we advise you of this before we get too far along. If Fruition does not accept your app project it does not necessarily mean that you have a bad idea, it just means the idea needs to be flushed out.

2. App Concept Development

Once everyone agrees that the project is capable of working we begin the bidding process. If Fruition’s app bid is inline with what you are looking for then we submit a full bid for your approval. After your approval we begin the project layout and then the UI process.

3. App Development Project Management

At Fruition we use developers in house and in the right circumstances we outsource work to third parties. This helps us meet tight deadlines that often come up in app development and it keeps the price of the app as low as possible.

4. App User Interface (“UI”) Design and Prototyping

The UI of the app is critical to its success. A poorly designed app is sure to fail. Fruition’s app design team is here in Denver and has designed iPhone and Android apps. Android apps require at least three different sizes because of the various screen sizes. Thus, design time is slightly higher for Androids. iPad app design is of course slightly different as well.

5. App Development

Mobile app development is a different ball game than web apps. The business models are different the development cycles are different and the marketing of the final product are worlds apart.

6. App Testing of the app with beta testers

We use a great tool called Test Flight to send out our beta versions so that you can follow along during the app development process.

7. Launching of the App

Once the app launches we have a feedback loop to catch bugs and make steady improvements to the app.

8. App Marketing

Marketing of your app is key. Of course we want the app to have viral components but simply things such as integrating or building your website to alert mobile visitors that you have an app is critical.

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