Advanced Integration for Google Analytics Support & Services

Not all businesses have websites that are straightforward. Many of our clients have extremely high-volume websites, advanced mobile integration, advanced social media integration, and unique cross-platform linking. And since mobile traffic accounts for a significant percentage of website traffic these days – and that number is growing rapidly – we make sure your Google Analytics account is set up to receive the most insights possible from mobile users.

With the popularization of mobile responsive websites, social media apps and plugins for mobile, and more mobile check-in data than ever, Google Analytics is a prime source for mobile user behavior and user experience. However, with all the different devices a user could access the web from, it’s not always clear how to read that data. Mobile users often set web usability trends, and desktop websites have been following mobile usability standard in the past years. Fruition’s analytics team can use your analytics data to find out how your website is performing for mobile users, how to optimize your website for mobile and tablet use, and how to apply those same effective mobile principals to the web version of your website. Our team can also incorporate data from social media to learn even more about how your users came to be on your website, what they want, and how to leverage your website to capture new business.

Advanced Drupal Google Analytics integration

Drupal is an amazing website CMS platform and comes with great features and tools for managing websites. Our analytics team ensures that if your website is managed in Drupal, your Google Analytics account is working well with that system and is capturing as much data as possible in an effective and actionable way.

Setup of complex cross-domain tracking

If you have multiple domain version, subdomains, and blog domains, then tracking traffic between them all is tricky. If you’re running analytics separately for each domain, then you’re missing out on extremely valuable and necessary data about your users. We can set up analytics to work with all your domains and subdomains so you don’t miss anything from improper setup and management.

Integration with offline POS systems

If you have a business that uses an offline POS system, data from that POS can be tracked in Google Analytics too! Many people don’t realize that some offline systems can be fully integrated in analytics along with website analytics, social media analytics, SEO analytics, and PPC advertising analytics. Fruition’s analytics team can plug data from your offline POS into analytics to learn more information about sales numbers, frequency, effective times of day, and sales reactions due to social media and other advertising events. By including real world financial data into your analytics, you can gain even more layers of insight into how your company as a whole is benefitting from different online marketing campaigns and website performance.

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