Domain name disputes

Fruition is selling the domain name

Important Domain Name Dispute Information:

  • Most domain name disputes are arbitrated (a final decision is made) within 60 days.
  • In most cases the decisions final and not appealable.
  • There are no damages or fees awarded in domain name disputes, thus you cannot recover the expenses (no attorneys fees previsions).
  • AllĀ  domain name registrants (the person that registers the domain name) agrees to binding arbitration. Thus, there are no jurisdictional issues as there are with federal trademark complaints.

General Information about Domain Name Disputes

There are usually two options for proceeding with a domain name dispute. Filing a federal trademark infringement action or filing a Uniform Domain Resolution Policy (“UDRP”) complaint. Both are time consuming, however, arbitration is substantially cheaper and results in a faster resolution.

Contact directly for more information about UDRP and or trademark actions. Submitting the following form does not create an attorney client relationship.