Branded magazines

Branded magazines help a company develop a solid core of repeat business by showcasing your products or services.


  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Develop lasting brand recognition
  • Improve responsiveness of existing customers

Magazine & Catalog Design & Publishing

  • Complete design and layout of your magazine.
  • Copyrighting services
  • Customer list services
  • Tracking of sales
  • Call center support
  • Access to Fruition proprietary ROI tracker – understand which pages of the magazine our profitable and which need to be changed

What’s the difference between a branded magazine and a catalog?
A branded magazine not only highlights the product it also provides valuable information that your consumers will use and refer to. A catalog is simply a listing of your products. If you have an existing catalog, Fruition can take the catalog design, and integrate it into a branded magazine.

Benefits of a branded magazine?
1. Higher ROI than traditional catalogs.
2. Better brand recognition.
3. Added value to your business. Instead of simply providing products, you will provided a value added service of information, that your customers will take into account when deciding when deciding who to purchase from. Differentiating yourself from your competitors is necessary to increase the value of your business.