Drupal CMS Administrator – Adding content types, views, configuration work

Fruition is hiring a Drupal administrator for general Drupal configuration work for several dozen websites.

The project pays $15/hr and requires 30+ hours per week in our Cherry Creek or Boulder office. The work starts within two weeks.


  • Be Proficient in HTML/CSS
  • Understand Drupal configuration
  • Developed Drupal sites using Drupal admin interface
  • Understanding of Taxonomies
  • Understanding of the Drupal Theme structure
  • Understanding of Content Types and Views
  • CCK – content construction kit module
  • Understanding Drupal’s roles and privileges system
  • Install and configure Drupal modules
  • Team player, good communication skills
  • Javascript Knowledge preferred but not required
  • Proficient in both Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Knowledge of web graphics formats


  • Creating and maintaining users, assigning roles. Maintaining privileges for different roles.
  • Positioning and configuring blocks/panels/views
  • Create and modify content types and views
  • Configure Drupal modules within the context of current sites.
  • Creating and maintaining sites navigation.
  • CSS/HTML changes/additions/adjustments
  • Moving/configuring Drupal sites from one server to another (server admins can assist you in this)
Please apply via the following form.

Mid Level Drupal Developer

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