What is Domain Name Parking and How is it Used in Internet Marketing?

Posted on November 17, 2010 • Written by Brad Anderson

A domain name is an identifier of a unique internet protocol resource. Lost? Let’s put it this way: Instead of saying 123 This Street, Some Road, and State, let’s just call it Bob’s House. Bob’s House is the domain name and the address is the, well, IP address you are pointing to when you say Bob’s House which is easier to remember. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about how you can use a domain name in internet marketing, specifically a parked domain.

There are several reasons why people buy domain names, or register them to be specific. One is to make a site, whether it is an online store or a blog or something else completely (usually with the intention of making money, sharing knowledge, or both.) Then, there are others who do buy them to flip or sell them to people who might like the domain name but was too late to register it. Then there are people who park the domain names. The third is a good way to earn money without doing anything, which is quite appealing to many internet marketers who seek passive income.

But it is not as easy as it seems since it would take a lot of research and some investment. First, you have to find domain names that are likely to get decent amount of traffic. It could be from people typing in words on a browser’s address bar and adding .com. Or you could snatch up a recently dropped domain name. People who used to visit that site might try to visit it again sometime and that would be a good source of traffic. Also, if there are links on the web pointing to that site, you would have people visiting your domain from those links.

But how do you market that domain or how do you make money from it? Parking it using a domain parking service would be a very good idea. Basically, they would place ads on your parked domain and you earn money when people click on the ads. The ads are usually related to the domain name so if you bought a domain name like houseofbob.com, you can expect ads for homes or real estate there. So even without going to great lengths about creating content for the website, you can still make money from it which is what people take of internet marketing anyway. On top of that, you can always sell the domain name to people who are really interested in it.

Brad Anderson

Written by Brad Anderson

Brad Anderson is the Executive Director and Founder of Fruition. Brad’s focus is supporting Fruition’s team to enable sustainable growth and excellent client satisfaction (EBITDA growth). With a strong statistical background, Brad built Fruition’s in-house software that is used to manage client success.

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