Web applications and transactional emails [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted on June 29, 2012 • Written by Jeff Williams

This morning, SendGrid published a new infographic illustrating how web applications are using transactional emails to boost their marketing efforts.

Transactional emails are triggered by actions customers take when using a web application. For instance, the email you receive in your inbox confirming your order from a website is a transactional email.

Based on SendGrid’s research, many web applications are seeing the advantage of using transactional email to further engage their audience, and use them for customer acquisition, customer retention, and marketing purposes. They report that the average web application sends out 631,000 transactional emails a month. 

Some relevant stats from the infographic:

Percentage of Web Applications That Rank Transaction Email as “Important or Very Important” for:

• Customer Acquisition: 79.1%
• Customer Retention: 89.89%
• Marketing: 71.5%

Web Application User Actions Supported by Transactional Email

Percentage of web apps supporting:

• Signups / Subscriptions: 80.5%
• Purchase / Order / Shipping Confirmations: 49.8%
• Password Recovery / Changes: 76.5%
• Friend / Follower Requests & Confirmations: 28.0%
• Daily Deals / Offers: 19.1%
• Location-Based Check-ins: 4.1%
• Lead Distribution: 16.0%

Most Important Customer Communication Channels

As ranked by web applications

• Email: 77%
• Phone: 11.8%
• SMS / Text: 1.4%
• Chat / IM: 1%
• Other: 8.7%

Target Audience of Web Applications Surveyed

• Customers: 37.9%
• Businesses: 25.5%
• Both: 25.5%

Jeff Williams

Written by Jeff Williams

Jeff Williams is an SEO Project Manager at Fruition. He uses his deep understanding of SEO and internet marketing to guide clients, optimize websites and ultimately improve search rankings. Jeff continues to focus on understanding the technical aspects of SEO factors that affect website rankings in the major search engines. He has recently found a passion in local marketing and helping business carry out effective digital marketing strategies, taking a lead role in developing Fruition’s local SEO services.

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