We Design Big Checks for Events

We Design Big Checks for Events

Posted on October 2, 2015. • Written by Brad Anderson

Designing big checks is fun!  They’re a great visual hallmark of marketing and an eye-catching way to celebrate a milestone or new initiative for any organization. While the checkbook may be fading into obscurity, the commemorative big check is here to stay.

Here’s a big check that Fruition designed for fellow Colorado-based company ICON Eyecare to help the ophthalmology group commemorate a partnership with Denver Health. This check helped celebrate ICON Eyecare’s funding gift to Denver Health. This contribution will be a integral part of building and supporting Denver Health’s new community health center in Southwest Denver.

This big check for a major press event incorporated ICON Eyecare’s logo as well as several initiatives that are important to the company.

designing a big check

Brad Anderson

Written by Brad Anderson

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