Unwavering Alignment for Sustainable Progress

Posted on June 7, 2020 • Written by Fruition Team
Unwavering Alignment for sustainable progress

To the Fruition Community,

The events of the last ten days have compelled us to make a formal statement about Fruition’s position on the death of George Floyd and others.

Like you, we’ve been watching the news in disbelief, talking to colleagues, and reading about the protests going on around the country the last several days. Words cannot begin to express the sadness we feel seeing Black Americans dying at the hands of police. We share a deep sense of pain and loss from what we are seeing and experiencing right now in many of our local communities. As people protest in demand of answers and change, our country is clearly in pain and in real need of reform. What happened to George Floyd, and others before him, is unacceptable from a country as great as the United States.

At Fruition, we believe in equality and promote mutual respect for one another. We at Fruition have always been unapologetically diverse, and as a company or as individuals, will not tolerate any form of discrimination or social injustice. It is up to us as a society to create a safe and diverse community.

Here is Fruition’s formal position and more importantly, our commitment to making a lasting difference.

1. We will not trade on the personal suffering of others. We see far too many companies that trade on personal pain for financial gain. We will not play there. This means we will not use George Floyd’s death for Fruition’s gain. Specifically, we will not use related hashtags or keywords to make a shallow statement to generate leads. That is not who we are. This holds true in other disasters as well, including school shootings, mass casualty events, violence against those in the LGBTQ community, and other events that are ripe for viral exploitation.

2. Because of the pandemic, many of our largest clients are still shut down and their future is unclear. Thus, we frankly cannot make large donations. However, Fruition’s Founder/Executive Director Brad Anderson and CEO Jim Collins will match the team donation pool by two to one.

3. To help make a real impact as actions speak louder than words, we are budgeting $100,000 over the next two years (starting in Q4 2020) to create a Fruition-run, diversity-focused digital marketing paid internship program within the Denver community. Through this program we will allocate Fruition’s brain power and financial support. We’re not a large company and we’re also in the middle of the greatest economic disaster in the last hundred years. Thus, we will have to make sacrifices in other places to make this work and believe that it is worth it.

At Fruition we’ve always had a civic mindset and an outsized contribution to the community. For many years we’ve supported Wee Cycle, Denver CASA, and recently Project CURE in addition to the various organizations and programs that support cognitive diversity. These organizations help out individuals not just in the Black communities, but also others that are lacking the guidance and opportunity to thrive in our world full of opportunity. We will not lose sight of their mission or let the hardships that they support become less important.

Our civic support is mirrored in the clients that we support, including Trumpet Behavioral Health. We’ve also said no to many companies that have questionable moral compasses.

We have only supported one political candidate, Phil Weiser, now Colorado Attorney General. Phil’s mom is a Holocaust survivor and he has been a champion for others his entire career, with a particular focus on criminal justice reform.

In our history, the causes we support, our hiring, and the political candidates we support have not wavered or been influenced by the winds of the day. Our beliefs and values are anchored in our uncompromising culture and the work we do to make these commitments to our teammates and our community.

We encourage all to voice their opinions and show meaningful action in a respectful manner to help stimulate real change. The door is open. Please feel free to reach out to us if you need anything or just want to talk – together we will work through it.

Jim Collins, CEO & Brad Anderson, Founder & Executive Director

Fruition Team

Written by Fruition Team

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