Lost Places Reviews with Transition to +1 Business Pages

Posted on June 14, 2012 • Written by Brad Anderson

Did you lose Google Places business reviews during the transition to the business +1 pages? If so you are screwed. And that is directly from the horses mouth (Google).

Places has always been a second rate product from Google. They do not offer support at all. They mess up listings. They generally ignore businesses requests to improve the product, etc. Google ignoring Places never made sense to me. Google makes plenty of money off of the Places ads and Adwords Express and it keeps visitors on Google instead of clicking through to the listing company’s actual website. Unfortunately, as bad as Google treated Places pages they made it even worse with the transition to the +1 Pages.

Many companies lost thousands of reviews during the transition to the blended Places and +1 display. These were not fake reviews or trumpted up reviews. These were local business reviews that companies spent years getting, basically begging customers to take a few minutes and write about their experience. Unfortunately, all of that hard work is gone for many of these companies. Google stated:

“I have heard back from our Places team regarding your missing reviews. They have let me know that reviews can sometimes be dropped from local Google+ pages during reconciliation of data issues. Unfortunately, they are unable to address each instance of this, but are working on long-term solutions to resolve most of these cases. My sincere apologies for the inconvenience!

Simply put that sucks! Apologies don’t cut it. If you are going to make reviews a a critical component of your local ranking algorithm then you better support it better than this.

So if you lost business reviews in the transition between Places and +1 or if you lost them if you changed your domain name then you have one option; that is start over and try to get your customers to write more reviews.

Brad Anderson

Written by Brad Anderson

Brad Anderson is the Executive Director and Founder of Fruition. Brad’s focus is supporting Fruition’s team to enable sustainable growth and excellent client satisfaction (EBITDA growth). With a strong statistical background, Brad built Fruition’s in-house software that is used to manage client success.

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