Liver Doctor Launches New Magento 2.0 Website Designed and Hosted by Fruition

Fruition Growth releases new Liver Doctor website, as shown on a laptop screen.

Liver Doctor Launches New Magento 2.0 Website Designed and Hosted by Fruition

Posted on February 13, 2019. • Written by Lindsay Maynard

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — 13 February, 2019

Liver Doctor Launches New Magento Website Designed and Hosted by Fruition Growth, LLC

Denver, Colo. — Online supplement brand Liver Doctor, an SCB International entity, employed Fruition marketing to design, build and launch the new site, which was designed to streamline the e-commerce experience, offering customers ease with their buying process and education about the products.

Fruition’s mission was to completely redesign the existing Liver Doctor website utilizing a comprehensive discovery phase and workshop. Along with the website design, Fruition designed a logo for Liver Doctor, as well as performed a full technical discovery and analysis.

The technical aspects include: a custom checkout user flow; content migration from the Magento 1 to Magento 2 platform; the integration and embedding of Liver Doctor’s WordPress blog; and a complete SEO analysis with recommendations.

The website design phase started with a client consultation to identify pain points and uncover the look and feel Liver Doctor envisioned. The end result brought to life Liver Doctor’s overall vision and now serves customers in both the United States and Australia — helping them to efficiently find the right liver supplement for their health goals.

Along with Liver Doctor’s team, Fruition was able to improve user experience on both desktop and mobile devices; streamline the shopping experience with improved product detail pages; and highlight educational materials, such as essential reading, articles, recipes and videos.

Liver Doctor’s line of high-quality, scientifically educated and practically produced liver supplements are intended to enable people to feel happier, stronger, clearer and healthier.

“We are really impressed with the work your team has done thus far! The website design mock ups are fantastic, and I really like the structure of the entire process. I can tell a lot of thought and expertise is going into this work. …certainly better than any of the designers and web firms I’ve worked with before, so I’m really glad we found Fruition, or rather I’m glad you found us.” -Richard Newton, Controller, SCB International


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Lindsay Maynard

Written by Lindsay Maynard

Lindsay Maynard is Fruition’s Content Marketing Manager. Her career started in journalism — reviewing resorts, interviewing celebrities and traveling the world. She then dove head-first into digital marketing trends, SEO, social media and web development, and she enjoys strategizing how to effectively incorporate marketing techniques into creative content development. Lindsay has led panel discussions on content marketing, social media and SEO, and she’s also spoken at universities and trained in-house marketing and editorial teams.

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