International SEO Best Practices & Tips

Posted on March 15, 2012 • Written by Jeff Williams
international seo best practices

Foreign SEO has its own set of best practices as each country has widely different regulations.  If your business expands beyond the borders of the USA, there are special considerations you should take to ensure International SEO success.

International SEO Best Practices

SEO across the globe


1) Buy the domain that is native to the countries you are targeting.  For example, if you want German visitors, buy the as most German residents search on their local search engine.

2) Host your foreign domain in country if possible so you will have a local IP address.

3) Establish a physical location/mailing address in each country if possible

4) Set Google Webmaster Tools to reflect each country you are targeting.

5) Translate several pages of your site into the language(s) most used in the countries where you do business.  Have a professional translator re-write your copy to keep your message intact.  Do not rely on automated translators, as they are notoriously bad.

6) Translate your keyword list into each language and be sure to include keywords in the meta data of your site.

7)  Foreign copy can create odd graphic design and page layout challenges, especially with languages that read right to left or vertically like Chinese or Arabic.  Most popular website platforms like WordPress or Drupal offer plug ins to solve this program.

8) Attract inbound links from other websites in each country.

9) If you plan to use Google AdWords, be sure to geo-target your campaigns.

Each country has its own set of rules and regulations when it comes to website design and SEO, so it pays to have a professional search firm on board.  Fruition is happy to help you navigate foreign waters.

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Jeff Williams

Written by Jeff Williams

Jeff Williams is an SEO Project Manager at Fruition. He uses his deep understanding of SEO and internet marketing to guide clients, optimize websites and ultimately improve search rankings. Jeff continues to focus on understanding the technical aspects of SEO factors that affect website rankings in the major search engines. He has recently found a passion in local marketing and helping business carry out effective digital marketing strategies, taking a lead role in developing Fruition’s local SEO services.

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