Google vs. Bing and Yahoo!

Posted on October 27, 2010 • Written by Brad Anderson

Since you are using the Internet right now, you know what Google is. If you are an advanced user, you might even know what other services Google has brought to the World Wide Web. Services like AdWords for advertisers, AdSense for bloggers, and Gmail for just about anyone are just some of the Google services is offering. But, they are widely known for their search engine technology with more than half of Internet users preferring Google over other search engines.

Other Search Engines

Yahoo! is widely acknowledged as the second biggest search engine. Although not as big as Google, Yahoo has its own share of loyal users. Also, in recent times, the company has made some changes to its search technology. The latest big coup by Yahoo! was securing the aid of Microsoft which has come to the rescue of the ailing search engine. This makes Yahoo! essentially the sister search engine of Bing, Microsoft’s own search engine.

While there are other search engines out there like Cuil and Ask, most webmasters only pay attention to these three big names and for good reason. If you are going to spend a lot of time understanding the ranking algorithm of search engines so that you can have your site ranked higher, it would make sense that you target the biggest search engines out there.

Why Google

The reason why Google optimization is a big thing is because Google is in a league of its own. While it may adapt features from Bing or Yahoo, the main algorithm developed and maintained by Google is the best there is and they are blazing new grounds with every update to their search technology. What this means is that smaller search engines like Yahoo and Bing, to be able to catch up with Google has to emulate what the big dog is doing.

With Bing and Yahoo following the steps of Google, your optimization tactics for the latter would certainly work with the two other search engines. Perfecting or at least understanding how Google ranks sites would therefore make your Yahoo optimization as well as Bing optimization task easier since you already know what works for the search engine the two smaller ones are trying to emulate.

The What If

Let’s say that Yahoo and Bing decided to blaze another path of their own. Would that make your Google optimization tactics worthless? Absolutely not since it would take a really big change in Yahoo and Bing to topple Google from the top spot and as long as Google is the biggest search engine, optimizing your website for them is always the safe bet.

Brad Anderson

Written by Brad Anderson

Brad Anderson is the Executive Director and Founder of Fruition. Brad’s focus is supporting Fruition’s team to enable sustainable growth and excellent client satisfaction (EBITDA growth). With a strong statistical background, Brad built Fruition’s in-house software that is used to manage client success.

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