Google +1 Button and Social Search

Posted on June 1, 2011 • Written by Brad Anderson

For several months and until June 1, 2011 Google had a +1 button on websites. This was similiar to a Facebook like. It was also ripe for abuse.

At the time, +1 was limited to search results – you could +1 your favorite search results to share them with your Google social network.  But with the release of the +1 button -think of the Google +1 button as a Facebook or Twitter Share button for Google – visitors to your site could +1 blog posts or pages to share with their networks.

The effects of +1 on search engine optimization were minimal. Without a dedicated popular social network, Google relied on use of their own social tools to ramp up their social sharing.

Social sharing took off around 2011 and had a direct impact on organic search results. Bing announced in October of 2010 that Facebook likes would impact search results, and in May 2011 they elaborated. Now, “Bing includes the photos of up to three of your Facebook friends – or, your trusted social network” –  who have Liked a link in search results. On top of that, Bing elevated search results based on Likes in your network.

Brad Anderson

Written by Brad Anderson

Brad Anderson is the Executive Director and Founder of Fruition. Brad’s focus is supporting Fruition’s team to enable sustainable growth and excellent client satisfaction (EBITDA growth). With a strong statistical background, Brad built Fruition’s in-house software that is used to manage client success.

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