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Posted on October 22, 2019 • Written by Emily Wheeler
fruition is rolling in rave reviews from clutch

Mid-market businesses often have trouble funneling the right leads to their site for a host of reasons: the website is outdated, the site structure and content aren’t optimized for search engines, or maybe the targeted keywords are attracting the wrong demographic.

The fact of the matter is, businesses need to invest in a thoughtful digital marketing strategy if they want to establish the right kind of brand awareness online. There’s no use having a website if your ideal consumer base can’t find it.

You can think of marketing, in the traditional sense, as a way to promote yourself or your products. But our team prefers to frame it as digital growth. That is to say, it’s a critical process that, when done correctly, will help generate sustainable business. That’s why Fruition is focused on crafting fine-tuned strategies that empower our clients.

For the third year in a row, we’ve been named one of Colorado’s top digital marketing agencies by Clutch, a B2B ratings firm that ranks leading companies based on their verified client reviews. We’ve seen great success working with their platform and have recently earned our 15th review, bringing our overall satisfaction rating to 4.8 out of 5 stars!

salon plaza website redesign

Our latest review comes from the prominent beautify franchise Salon Plaza. They hired us to grow their brand by setting up and nurturing their social media accounts.

Working with Salon Plaza has been a near full-service digital effort that’s still ongoing. Our team collaborates with Salon Plaza’s creatives to develop the copy and assets for their social ads. Then, we finalize the content and manage their campaigns, prioritizing the franchise’s need-based salons and grand openings.

One of the cool strategies we’ve implemented is geofencing, which allows Salon Plaza to engage with its audience based on the individual’s current location. This has led to more effective lead targeting.

fruition review scorecard

The results have been fantastic so far! The campaigns have driven a substantial number of leads from social channels, and inbound calls have gone up, too.

Salon Plaza was also impressed by our client-centered approach and core values:

“Fruition’s behavior and how they work with clients makes it clear that they really care about the success of our company, not just making money.” — Director of Salon Operations, Salon Plaza

Reviews from clients like Salon Plaza have been key to getting us where we are today. Their feedback has helped us gain recognition from several outlets, including Clutch’s sister sites: The Manifest named us one of Denver’s top web development companies, and Visual Objects recognizes us as among the top 3 in Denver for web design.

As always, we value our clients and consider their growth to be ours.

If you’re looking for an expert agency that’s always on the lookout for new digital marketing best practices, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your options.

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Emily Wheeler

Written by Emily Wheeler

As Fruition’s Lead Creative Strategist, Emily designs and executes short- and long-term content strategies for each client. Emily is passionate about storytelling and capturing the unique voice, tone, and perspective of various brands. Her time as a copywriter for a Fortune 250 company deepened her love of content creation and sharpened her skills for writing everything from advertisements and press releases to video scripts and more.

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